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    10 reasons why have the wedding reception in Phoenix hotel

    10 reasons why a wedding festivity should be held in Hotel Phoenix

    Hotel Phoenix received a prestigious award from Luxury Travel Guide as the most romantic Croatian hotel! Say “Yes” on a prestigious address where we will great and serve you and your guests as kings!


    Step into a new life with style and build an image of a winner! Choosing hotel Phoenix for wedding festivities is a decision of prestige that defines your style of life that you are planning in your mutual future, and you will show your guests how much you appreciate therm.


    We are professionals in our business; we will prepare a night to remember for you! With great pleasure we will reward your trust with quality service, benefits and many gifts which will contribute to your happiness and success in your life together.


    The guests will reward you generously! The price and quality of gifts you will receive at a wedding ceremony is on average up to 50% more if the wedding festivity is held in a hotel! Besides this, the commotion of receiving the guests, the quality and variety of services that the hotel can offer is immeasurable with a restaurant, which the guests definitely appreciate and recognize!


    The beautiful interior of our halls Maestro and Magic Hall will turn your wedding into a fairy tale! The magic combination of carefully chosen details in decorating the interior, from the lighting, the curtains, the decorations on the newlywed’s table, the table for the guests, the receiving area for a welcome drink, beautiful terraces, an entry hall, the lobby of the Magic Hall… they all create a fairytale and romantic atmosphere for the most important day in your life. You will feel like kings, and your guests will be exceptionally honored with the area you invited them to.


    We will give you valuable advice on the subject “how to correctly budget a wedding ceremony?” The price of the wedding ceremony includes the Wedding Planner service, our advisor for weddings, which will be of great help with his experience and contacts. He will give you a series of advice on how to correctly budget a wedding ceremony and how to save a significant amount of money at the same time. Of course there is also a series of significant benefits we offer our newlyweds that are not available for you in other restaurants and hotels. We suggest that you examine the possibility of holding the wedding ceremony during Last Minute and First Minute time periods with discounts on the regular menu up to 30%, and Friday where you will significantly decrease the expenses while the gifts of the guests stay the same, which means that the total result of the festivity is much more beneficial for you!


    We are very flexible during negotiations; we accept your suggestions and ideas! Our system of negotiating wedding festivities is very flexible so it is up to you to reserve a hall and time schedule in accordance with the number of guests you will have, and approximately 10-15 days before the festivity itself, we will define the details and the final price for the entire event.


    The rich and varietal menu in the offer, with a series of varieties, but first a free dinner tasting! People from this region love to eat and we have a tradition of quality and tasty cuisine. In Hotel Phoenix we hold on to these lovely traditions and habits. The menus we offer our newlyweds are filled with modern tastes, tradition and original recipes that cannot go wrong… you are given the task to choose what tastes you will offer your guests. Hotel Phoenix organizes for you and your best man and best woman a tasting of wedding dinners, and you arrival is obligatory! Along with tasting meals, we also offer wine tasting. Choose the wine that will be going on the table along with the menu! Be sure that this is it; bring the first big decision together with your best man and woman. The dinner is on the house at Hotel Phoenix and it is up to you to enjoy it…


    Hotel Phoenix is very suitable for all guests that are arriving from far away. The location on the eastern side of the city of Zagreb, only 300 meters from the highway A3, A4,A2 and A12 allow a fast and simple connection to all important parts of the city; the center, the airport… Along with this, Hotel Phoenix offers a favorable transfer from the hotel to the airport and vice versa, and to other locations with VIP treatment for the passengers. The hotel has a large and guarded parking lot which is charge free.


    You will achieve large group discounts for a series of products from our offer!

    The Personal Wedding Planner * Creating the Protocol for the wedding festivity * Using the summer terrace for receiving guests * A personal waiter for the newlyweds and the best man and woman * An apartment for the newlyweds with champagne and fruit in the room, with a late breakfast after the wedding * Using the Wellness and Spa center a month before the wedding festivity * Dinner tasting for the newlyweds and best man and woman * Reception for the newlyweds and best man and woman in a wine cellar with a refreshing cold plate and sparkling wine * Covering for the chairs, staff until morning * … and much more depending on the style of the wedding festivity…



    Hotel Phoenix guarantees a perfect protocol and logistics for the festivity. For every wedding festivity we create a special Protocol of the wedding festivity. Your festivity must be perfect, without mistakes, the most beautiful and the best organized. In the Protocol of wedding festivities the newlyweds are always presented with the best options for them, which we coordinate with the time periods of the festivity. With the professional staff of Hotel Phoenix that is directed and distributed by the wedding organizer, everything is known by the minute and our experience from organizing almost 1000 wedding festivities guarantees that this part of the most important day in your life will be perfect.



    Hotel Phoenix in the event “15th Tourist Flower – quality for Croatia 2011” was graded as one of the three best small hotels of continental Croatia!


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