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    You’ve been together for a long time, you love her, your relationship is progressing nicely and you are getting more and more thinking of the next step – marriage. You want to surprise her, make something romantic, especially …

    How do you show your selector that you want him forever with you? How to submit it in the most beautiful way?

    Hotel Phoenix is ​​here to help you create a special atmosphere. Announced by the travel magazine Luxury Travel Guide for the best romantic hotel in Croatia, we specialize in fulfilling romantic wishes. Whether you want to do it on an intimate candlelight night, in a romanticly decorated room, in a relaxed atmosphere of the wellness center or in any other way, we are here to organize you all, help with advice and make the moment unforgettable.
    Prosperity is an event that you, and especially your beloved, will often recite in life, let you remain in a special memory.

    For organizing a festive moment of call call us at 01/2006333 or send an inquiry with your ideas to hotel@phoenix.hr


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