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    Banquet venue Magic Hall

    Modern, provocative, unrepeatable!

    The Magic Hall is especially equipped for events with a large number of guests and a variety of family and business celebrations.

    The hall is air-conditioned and ventilated, with excellent sound insulation and acoustics. A total capacity of up to 1,000 guests for concerts and similar events. The banquet setup can accommodate up to 400 people.


    The entire area consists of Magic Hall, the entrance Lounge Wine Bar and the wine chapel:

    • The Lounge bar is an ideal space for greeting guests along with a welcome aperitif and show cooking

    • A DJ stand is located in the hall, a stand for music bands and entertainers and a large dance floor with floor heating

    • We schedule the tables according to your wishes and you choose the tablecloths and coverings for the chairs from our rich offer

    • A large choice of decorative elements: self-standing silver candle holders, table silver candle holders, glass curtain wall cubes, tall martini table glasses

    • An artistic wooden holder for the entrance into the restaurant with a baroque frame for information on the sitting schedule • An elevator to the rooms and apartments

    • A top quality designed and equipped sanitary area for guests with a wardrobe area.


    The hall is equipped with a series of technical details which make it unique in the city of Zagreb:


    • Complete DJ computer-controlled equipment, mixes, amplifier, wire and wireless microphones, a karaoke module, speakers with concert strength


    • LED lighting for the bar and the ceiling above the bar, four series of steps that lead to the hall with the same series on the western ceiling of the hall

    • “Dimmers” for the regulation of lighting above the dance floor

    • Special lighting fields for eight positions in the hall

    • LED lighting of the DJ stand which is programmed in accordance with your wishes

    • LED lighting with dimensions 3.5×12.0 meters above the stand and the part of the dance floor which is programmed as you wish with the possibility of writing personalized messages

    • Four movie-heads for creating a disco experience

    • Four lasers with various lighting programs for creating light show effects, especially in combination with smoke-making device SPECIAL EFFECTS

    • LCD screens for showing movies, telops, videos… give the possibility of remembering the younger days of the newlyweds

    • A machine for preparing smoke.


    Magic Hall is one of the most visited halls in Zagreb. See why for yourself!




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