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    Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy


    Hotel Phoenix, OIB: 21963099228, Sesvetska cesta 29, 10 360 Sesvete – Zagreb  (hereinafter: “Phoenix” or “we”) would like to provide you with information about the purposes and terms of processing your personal data in this Privacy Policy.


    Our policy determines the type of personal data that we collect and process, reasons for processing them, retention period, and the safety measures we take against misuse of personal data, as well as procedures you should follow if you have any questions or requests regarding your personal data.


    Phoenix processes the following categories of personal data:

    – contact information and other personal data,

    – account and spending information,

    – video materials,

    – audio materials and

    – website usage information.


    Phoenix processes your personal data for the following purposes:



    When you send us a booking request, we record your first and last name, address, e-mail address, phone number, and other information that we need in order to give you feedback on available accommodation units.

    We ensure the highest level of data security for users of our booking system. For verification of authenticity of our websites and for a secure data transfer between your computer and our servers, we use an SSL certificate issued by a reputable provider, as well as encryption of communication. All personal data, personal document and credit card numbers, as well as numbers related to other payment methods that users provide us with through the booking system, are transferred only via connections encrypted according to applicable international standards.

    After a booking is successfully confirmed, we still process data in order to fulfil our legal obligation of registering guests through the eVisitor national centre for guest records, as well as in order to provide our services and improve their quality. That is why, in addition to the aforementioned information, we also record the number, date and place of issue of your ID, as well as your nationality, country of residence, date and place of birth.

    In order to personalise our service and make your stay as comfortable as possible, we also record your ID photo on the basis of legitimate interests for improving the quality of our service.



    We will also, for a limited time, process your data for the purpose of sending you notifications about our services, special offers, deals, discounts, and news about our facilities for which we believe you have shown clear interest and which we consider the be fulfilling our legitimate interests.

    You can object to this processing of your data and stop receiving such messages by selecting the appropriate option in a received message at any time.



    We use questionnaires and surveys to collect information regarding your satisfaction with our hotel service. Participating in questionnaires is completely voluntary, and so is submitting personal data in physical questionnaires available in our hotel. We also use the collected information and collated research results to adapt our services to your needs and wishes.



    We organise giveaways and other contests from time to time. Personal data collected through these contests is processed only in order to carry out the giveaway or the contest (e.g. publish the names of winners, contact winners, deliver prizes, etc.). In order for you to be able to participate in a giveaway or a contest, we require your first and last name, e-mail address, phone number, and shipping address to deliver the prize. We will delete the data collected once 30 days have passed from the announcement of the winners.



    In order to be able to resolve all your inquiries or process any possible complaints, we need your first and last name, as well as the e-mail address to which we should send the requested information. If you contact us with inquiries, we process the data we acquire through that process only to provide the requested information. We will delete the acquired information once we have resolved your inquiry.

    Personal data required for processing complaints to the service you have received are retained for a period of one year from the day the complaint was received, according to regulations related to consumer rights and hospitality services.



    We are legally required to submit personal data of our guests to the national system for guest records – eVisitor.

    In exceptional cases, we are obliged to provide the competent national authorities (e.g. courts, police, regulatory bodies, etc.) with access to specific personal data upon written request based on applicable regulations.

    Only when that is necessary for us to provide our services, personal information is also forwarded to reliable partners (data processors) for the purpose of enabling customer support, IT maintenance or a similar purpose, using mandatory data protection measures.



    We process the data collected only by applying the appropriate legal, technical, and organisational security measures in order to prevent any unauthorised data processing. We only collect data which is necessary for processing and we do not keep such data longer than necessary or longer than determined by law.



    Depending on the purpose and legal basis of data processing, you can always request:

    – access to personal data,

    – amendment of personal data,

    – erasure of personal data, and

    – restriction of personal data processing.

    If you believe one of your rights has been infringed, you may file a complaint against personal data processing to your national supervisory authority. The supervisory authority for Croatia is the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency, Martićeva 14, 10000 Zagreb, azop@azop.hr.



    Requests, complaints and inquiries regarding personal data processing and protection can be made:

    – personally at our reception desk,

    – to our e-mail address: hotel@phoenix.hr, or

    – by post to the address: Hotel Phoenix, Sesvetska cesta 29, 10 360 Sesvete –Zagreb.


    According to the applicable legislation regulating personal data protection, any requests/inquiries will be processed as soon as possible and no later than within 30 days of their receipt.

    When contacting you and processing the aforementioned requests, we will make reasonable efforts to confirm your identity and prevent unauthorized personal data processing.


    Data protection officer contact information:

    Email: hotel@phoenix.hr

    Sesvetska cesta 29 , 10360 Sesvete – Zagreb



    This Policy is effective from 25 May 2018.

    Notifications about amendments to the Policy will be available on this page in due time.





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