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    Hydro-massage swimming pool

    Enjoy a water massage!

    The relaxing effect of water has been known since antic times, and today, when stress is becoming more and more a part of everyday life, hydro-therapy represents an unavoidable part of a healthy life style.


    Other than a relaxing effect, being in a hydro-massage swimming pool contributes to better circulation, it decreases the tension in the muscles and helps with decreasing rheumatic pain. A water massage is ideal for relaxing after a hard day at work or for spending time with friends.


    Our hydro-massage pool has a water temperature of 36 degrees, aroma-therapy with light effects for relaxing and a series of water and air jets for various parts of the body. The depth of the swimming pool is 80 cm so while sitting in it, you are completely submerged in the water. We recommend sitting in the pool not longer than 15 minutes.


    After the water massage, you can relax in the relax zone with a large variety of herbal teas to choose from and pleasant music.

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