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    Exercise with a personal trainer

    Do you want to look and feel fantastic?

    The modernly equipped fitness center, equipped with top quality Techno-gym devices along with professional leadership of a personal trainer enables a fast achievement of form and body shaping.


    Personal training
    Our specialty is individual training which is lead by Mr. Hlobik Doron, the vice-champion of Croatia in body building, a kinesiologist and an active participant and categorized athlete in fitness and body building with a large amount of experience in preparing athletes and in working with recreation fans. Personal trainings are the best and fastest way to achieve set goals. Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, form muscles, increase your physical condition, prepare for skiing or something else, the trainer is here to get you to your goal in the best and fastest way possible. He takes on himself part of the burden of exercising, he motivates and guides you, so that exercising becomes more pleasant and easier.


    Program of food and supplements
    A good organism and healthy food is very important in achieving the goals of the training program. Our top-quality trainers have great experience and knowledge on food for athletes and sport supplements and according to your needs, they will draw up a diet program adapted to the set goals: increasing active muscle mass, improving muscle tone and definition, and then a diet program with the goal of reducing fat tissue or a diet for athletes where it is important to have a large amount of energy for greater strength and longer physical endurance.


    Regarding an arrangement for working with a personal trainer, call us at 01/2006 333 or send a us an e-mail at wellness@phoenix.hr.

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