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    Art of breakfast

    Genuine Art of Breakfast

    Beautifully decorated, served neat, fresh, juicy and sweet:

    – Crispy fried bacon

    – Chicken frankfurters

    – Barbecue sausages

    – Turkey bars in sesame

    … and if you want something lighter there is an additional choice of hot delicacies:

    – Pancakes stuffed with ham and cheese

    – Baked crepes stuffed zucchini

    – Homemade strudel with cream – originaly “štrukle”

    – Vegetables in butter

    – Baked tomato gratin with cheese

    – Tricolore paprika mix

    – Braised mushrooms and baked beans …


    Of course, you can choose between several types of warm rolls and bread directly from our ovens, various spreads, dairy products, cereals, fresh salads, cold cuts, ham, bacon, cheese, …


    Choose our breakfast bar with delicious hot and cold drinks:

    – Julius Meinl coffee and tea served to taste with lemon or milk

    – Natural juices of apples and oranges

    – Carbonated or non-carbonated mineral water, and at the end chilled champagne!


    … mmm, that’s fine! And that smells so good … and the waiters are smiling and friendly from the early morning! It is a real art, breakfast not to be missed!


    Art of breakfast for non hotel guests only 69,00 kn per person!

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