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    Propose your sweethearth

    She is expecting it, but has no idea how you will do it!

    You have been together for a long time, you love each other, your relationship is progressing nicely and you are thinking more and more often about the next step – proposing to her.

    You want to surprise here, do something romantic, special…


    How to show your chosen one that you want her by your side forever?

    How to propose to her in the most beautiful way?  


    Hotel Phoenix is here to help you create a special atmosphere. It was declared by the tourist magazine Luxury Travel Guide as the most romantic hotel in Croatia. We have specialized in fulfilling romantic desires. Regardless if you want to propose over an intimate candlelight dinner, a romantically furnished room, in a relaxing atmosphere in the wellness or in some other way.


    We are here to organize everything for you, to help you with advice and make the moment unforgettable. The proposal is an event that you, and especially your wife will talk about through life, so let it stay as a special memory.


    Some ideas for a marriage proposal:

    • To begin with consider the character of your chosen wan – is she withdrawn or extrovert, would she prefer that you are alone or surrounded by people? Adapt your marriage proposal to her character.

    • Most girls love the classic way to propose where the man kneels down on one knee and asks the fateful question.

    • Words are also important to girls – write her a poem or rewrite a romantic poem from her favorite poet.

    •Propose to her during a romantic dinner while her favorite song is playing in the background. Or place the ring in a cake or a glass of champagne; just make sure she does not swallow it by mistake… The second variant is that instead of desert, you serve here with a box with a ring in it.

    • Decorate the room with petals and candles, and on the bed form a heart from the petals and place the box with the ring in the middle of it.

    • Organize a surprise trip. Pack your and her bags for the weekend, put a blindfold over her eyes and take her to a romantic hotel. Make arrangements that when arriving to the hotel a bottle of champagne is waiting to be opened. This is the best moment for another surprise: a proposal!

    • If she is fast asleep, during the night place the engagement ring on her finger and wake her in the morning with a romantic breakfast. It will seem like just another romantic gesture until she discovers the real surprise: the ring on her finger!

    • Do not forget the classical variant which goes with every occasion: a bouquet of flowers and a box with a ring in it entangled in the center of the bouquet

    • Rent a room in a beautiful romantic hotel. In the room prepare champagne, roses and rose petals, candles and chocolate delicacies, the perfect ambient for a proposal!

    • Maybe the ideal thing for you is the classic proposal with breakfast in bed; a tray with a newspaper, a bouquet of flowers, a cup of coffee, a fresh croissant and of course, a box with a ring.

    • If you like to eat seafood, take her to a romantic dinner, and place the ring in a separate clam on the centre of the late.

    • If you like to eat seafood, take her to a romantic dinner, and a special bowl in the middle of her plate place the ring.

    • At the restaurant ask them to write “Marry me” with chocolate on a plate and place it in front of her.

    • Ask her co-workers to tell her she has an important meeting with an important client in a restaurant. When she arrives and sees you, she will be happy to see you and will make her day, while the proposal is what will be keeping the smile on her face for a longer period of time.

    • Create a mini photo album of your favorite photographs. It does not have to be many, maybe 20, and be sure to write a comment bellow each one. Look through the album together and comment each picture and description. On the last page of the album place a photograph of you with a ring or a open box in your hand. Instead of a comment, it could read “Today: will you marry me?”

    • Give your sweetheart a cute stuffed animal (teddy bear, bunny or puppy) and a red bow to which you will attach the ring should be tied around the stuffed animals neck. She will notice the ring while she is hugging her new “friend”.


    For the organization of the festive moment of proposal, call us at 01/2006333 or send your ideas to hotel@phoenix.hr

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