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    Last Minute Weddings With Style!

    Save the date!

    You’ve always wondered how it’s possible to organize a wedding ceremony in just three months !?

    With 30% discount, All Inclusive menus and the Phoenix Hotel as the supporter of your wedding ceremony, everything is possible!


    We accept up to 30% discount on the wedding ceremonies of 1.12.18. to 31.03.2019. *


    Discounts include:


    – Private Wedding Planner

    -Asistance when entering and accommodating guests at the solemn hall

    -Church wedding ceremony menu: Depending on the selected menu

    -Not-loaded platters

    I have room and waiter for a wedding ceremony for up to 10 hours

    -Great tablecloths and tablecloths in different colors

    -Decorative lighting in the Magic Hall Hall

    -Addustative Dinner for New Marines

    -Located halls and solemn seating arrangements

    -Gifts and festive menus on the tables

    -Elegant and friendly waitresses (VIP service)

    -Hotel decoration from our selection of brides

    – Use of rustic wine cellar “Dioniz” for the reception of brides and buds

    -Dogs of guests with welcoming aperitifs

    – Children up to 5 years free

    -50% discount for children 10-12 years

    – Baby changeover

    -Sweet Show Cake

    -Deluxe Romantic apartment for the newbies

    -Sef in the apprentice’s suite

    -Use the Wellness & Spa Oasis a month before the wedding ceremony

    -Free parking for newlyweds and all guests with video surveillance

    -Producing your own fierce drink at no charge

    -50% off overnight for wedding guests

    – Friendship and support in your further common life!


    * Valid only for new queries.


    Information and reservations:

    01/2006 – 333





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