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    Enjingi – The king of wines in Phoenix

    Our house wine are produced by the king of wine, Mr. Ivan Enjingi

    We have chosen only the best of everything for our guests!  


    Continuing the centuries-old tradition of grape and wine production which he inherited from his grandfathers, on the slopes of Krndija where he was born, in the heart of the world famous Kutjevo Vineyards, Ivan Enjingi harvests only the best grapes.


    The grapes are unencumbered by artificial preservatives, and the wine made from them is special, with all of the characteristics of the region, which is expected from a vintner who received the first gold Decanter for Croaita.  

    The grapes in the vineyard and the wine in the Enjingi cellar are made in accordance with the laws of nature. They carry the eco stamp which in modern times confirms what the Enjingi family has passed on from generation to generation – respect for nature.  


    Whether you choose a high quality Riesling, white or black coupage Venje, Chardonnay, Zweigelt or any other wine, you will enjoy the harmony and fullness of a wine that you will remember for a long time.  


    We recommend:

    Venje 0.75 L Barrique Late – Vintage: 2007. High quality dry wine, a mixture of the best grapes of various sorts and carefully chosen grapes from a late vintage – Graševine, Riesling, fragrant Traminer, Sauvignon and Pinot Gris. Venje matures 18 months exclusively in oak, then it ages in bottles.

    The 1998 vintage is a world champion.


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